Life Is Most Precious

A Shift in focus

When the sail of life traverses through turbulent waters how have we been reacting in such situations? The majority perhaps must have made sincere attempts to change -situations, people, jobs, and places; again, begin from scratch, feel good initially for some time, to later experience similar challenging situations once more. After these repeated trial and error setbacks, it is quite natural to become dejected, hopeless and no wonder start believing life is a heavy burden and somehow drag on with it. And when we live with such a feeling the repercussions are severe – depression, stress, anxiety, diseased health, addictions (substance and digital), and falling apart of closed relationships is inevitable.  Repeated endeavours to change the outside world fail to give us the desired result of enduring peace and stability.  Have you ever reflected on how it would be for a change if we consciously decide to shift our focus from rearranging the outside world to exploring the possibilities that have been lying untapped inside us till now? The more we deliberate, the more we become connected to our inner space and adept at listening to the guidance emanating from within. We soon realise nothing in the outside world has changed yet everything seems different. What if we let the inner world be our torch bearer?

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