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Till  a decade back,   the tides of life decided my sail: rough waves made me crumble into pieces  and smoother ones exhilarated. My emotional stirring was dependent on  outside- people, situations and environment.  Then in 2011, I lost my mother; I found my whole world shattered-   aspirations, beliefs, values crashed and I went into a vicious loop of depression, addiction,  loss of hope, frustration, fits of mood swings, anger  and suicidal thoughts loomed large. Mental health has a holistic effect on the entire functioning of our body so the upheaval  also took a toll on my physical  wellbeing. Self defeating thoughts covered my consciousness- I am flawed, I am useless, what’s the point to live crept in me. I was going from doctors to psychiatrists  with no  solution which could offer me a permanent relief; as i was recuperating slightly, a little disturbing stimuli would again bring me back to a unpleasant mental state. 

 I was tormented for few months until  I was fortunate to get  hold of a copy of Srimad Bhagwat Gita and gradually started reading it.  Also during the same time I got it touch with few world class teachers and mentors. I have been a student of Psychology earlier and coupled with the  timeless wisdom of the Bhagwat Gita;  aided with insights from realised souls and professional trainers, the knots of life started to unravel and it acted as lasting antidote for my mental health issues. It came as an astonishing revelation  as to  how the mind works and  how much  impact it has on us. What began as an experimentation to quell the disturbance in my life, soon became a part of my lifestyle; I started to practice the acquired knowledge and found startling results in quick time.  The knowledge and insights empowered  me to reshape my perception of experiencing life from an elevated platform of  consciousness. My  entire state of being in this world took a 360 degree turn and outlook towards life transformed.  I understood that instead of wasting my time and energy to silent the uncontrollable clamour presented by the stimuli from the outside world, its rather easy and effortless to  douse the fire that  the stimuli sets inside.   Thankfully I have awakened to my innate inner calm in the midst of most challenging crisis , my relationships have become more joyful based on strong foundation of love and compassion, professionally I have been way much more creative, I feel physically more agile and energetic  and  above all  I have a deep sense of purpose and meaning in life.   In  my transformational  journey from a hopeless, confused, morose, lonely, discouraged , low on self esteem  and  jealous person to a relaxed, peaceful, happy and  grounded individual, I have few realizations,

  1. The world is a beautiful place, all living beings are eternally connected, our lives are a gift of God
  2. All human beings are perfect, full of potential, filled with energy of love and have everything in them( innate) to live a wonderful life. And no force on earth, other than our own mind stand in  between a living a  fulfilled life or a life filled with despair.
  3. Even in the midst of the most difficult situations we always have access to our unconditionally loving Guide, God or Universal Wisdom or Universal Father, Who is by our side.


    I transformed my life and now my passion is to see you transform yours too!


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Subroto Biswas

My Clients Say...

" If there’s a combination of friend, philosopher and guide in one person Subroto Bhiaya is the one and only person I trust. I pray he touches many lives in future. He has helped me in coping with severe anxiety, drug addiction, getting out of an abusive relationship, cultivating meaningful relationship with my loved ones. I have immense respect for this person who if I haven’t had met would not have believed that life is soooosooo beautiful. I love him "
TV Actress and celebrity from Mumbai
" The sessions with Subroto have a deep transformational impact on the way I used to view my work earlier. I don’t crumble anymore in crisis situations. Now I feel empowered to make right decisions, connect with my bosses, colleagues and clients in a non-judgemental way. He also helped me to design a lifestyle that supports me in staying highly energetic "
AVP Sales & Marketing in National Media House from New Delhi
" A genuinely true soul who dwells to the root of human behaviour. Not only my marriage has been saved by his timely intervention but today if we are happy as a family, all credit goes to Subroto. During the sessions he listens with immense patience and one can understand his passion to render help. Today I feel a deep sense of inner peace, joy and inexpressible calmness amidst all chaos after the counselling sessions. I always suggest him within my circle of relatives and friends "
Middle age Housewife from Kolkata
" The joy and confidence with which I live today is inspired by the sessions I had with Subroto. I am touched by his generosity and unconditional love for me. I felt a real sense of freedom after being able to quit a 14-year-old habit of regular smoking. Besides helping me to do away with a bad habit, I took his help in guiding me to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Me and my family are eternally indebted to him "
Owner and CEO of a Travel agency , Nashik