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Being Present to the Presence with Purpose


From spiritual practioners, to psychologists and motivational speakers across the world are laying importance on being mentally Present to the present moment. In this context , Mindfulness is fast becoming a household term in the realm of Wellness.

In a broader perspective, Being Present to the Present means to be aware of what is going on inside us and in the outside environment at a given moment.  Human beings exist on three levels of reality – physical , mental and spiritual and we may further classify this as body, mind and soul. When we are aware or mindful, all the three levels – body, mind and soul are in sync and hence we are able to  make best choices in a given situation, which affects our future life.  Both, the Researchers as well as the Spiritualists agree that thousands of thoughts pass across our mind in a day and we also experience it ourselves.  The human mind can be compared to a swing – when it  sways forward, we think about the future and when backward we remain pondering  in the past. This zigzag cavalry of thoughts affect our feelings- sometimes we worry about the future or become too complacent and sometime we are reduced to lamenting  over the past and as per the law of nature both are beyond our control to take corrective measures. It is only  in the Present moment we are gifted with the power to choose and act.  When we are unaware of our mental workings, we lose lot of energy in thinking our thoughts and in acute cases people even suffer severe mental health issues like Anxiety, Depression which cripple their day to day functioning. So being in the present moment is of paramount importance and self awareness serves as the foundation for transformation in our life.

What it  is to be  Present to the Presence? When we are able to observe neutrally the series of  thoughts that pass through our minds in the current moment, we are not anymore puppets  in the hands of the swinging and ever fleeting thoughts. We become empowered to be attentive to the internal thought patterns,  external environment,  observe, evaluate, choose, match our thought with the external need and finally act on those thoughts which are constructive and productive. That is to say we act on the basis of our instincts than impulses.  However, is merely being present  the remedy? No. For example, if a person is undergoing physical pain so being just present to it,  he will only experience excruciating pain. But when this person  has a purpose in life, he will not eternalize the pain and understand that it will subside with time and he is still hopeful that he will begin to pursue his purpose soon.  Hence present is the biggest present bestowed upon us and  we need to Be Present to the presence with a Purpose that keeps us moving ahead even in the face of biggest challenges of life.


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