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Goals of Giving vs Goals of Getting


As New Year is approaching we all look forward to a better life that what we are today and get down to plan for the future: how to get our acts together. Today when a human being is judged merely on the basis of physical accomplishments, the pressure to succeed, outrun the other, is humongous. So there is the impetus to frame goals as meticulously as possible; which is believed to serve as a guiding force  for achievements in life. Hence discussions on the  importance of goal setting , tools and techniques that help in setting goals have  flooded the  human society- right from social media infuencers, motivational speakers, the education industry and Athletes, are all seen voicing their advice about it.

Lets explore is Goal setting only about Self accomplishments?

When we are framing goals based on our personal desires, greed, envy, ego appeasements, there are two biggest problems- one in the face of challenges while pursuing the goals it will be difficult to sustain in the long run and second we will be all alone in the journey and even after accomplishing our milestones. There will be no sense of fulfillment and joy. And history is testimony to the fact  that  that many of the top achievers in the world have committed suicide, faced depression and  had  relationships problems.

Psychologists across the world  have dig deep into the issue and they have universally found that the most important driving force behind all endeavors is to attain the feeling of happiness inside , being loved by our near ones and  attaining peace. So  monetary accomplishments cannot substitute for internal gratification.

The ancient wisdom of Bhagwat Gita ( BG)  describes the manner in which human beings should perform their duty by which they can attain success, happiness and most importantly lead a peaceful life. Krishna says that all work should be performed without the hankering for only personal benefits ( BG 4.19–20) and further in BG 5.25, Krishna says “ Sarva Bhuta Hite” any work is perfect that benefits the society at large.

Working in such a spirit means having a fresh approach towards our  endeavour and the results we attain. The idea is not to discourage the passion to succeed rather this approach points us to stretch the boundary  from a narrow vision of self-accomplishment  to a broader outlook of how our aspirations can help others in realizing their goals also. We work with a service-driven attitude: what I can contribute  to God’s creation- the people, the flora and fauna. We now frame our goals, plan our actions and operate from a platform of happiness  rather  being mere puppets at the mercy of  results. We are already joyful even while we are endeavoring and do need to wait for the external results to gratify us. The results are not the end of the road rather we see  them as mere outcomes- good or bad  which motivate us to further action. And in the end, we can be rest assured we are not alone either we reach Mount Everest or we land up in the deep sea.

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