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Transition: Identity crisis to Security

I was born – I was a baby then I went to school – known as a school going boy in an assigned class; next I went to College – a youngster with a degree finally started doing job – I was an adult Media professional working for  an organization; and now a middle-aged mind trainer. Sometime a child, sometime a son , sometime a husband, a father, an employee and sometime a friend to the other. From a chubby sweet baby to a wrinkled greying man, in the last 46 years of my journey,  with my increasing age  my roles and designations kept changing. So am I  defined merely by  some ephemeral designations and roles, glowing or rumpled skin texture and falling hair ? Thankfully a little introspection gives me a huge relief that with coming and going of designations, people  and nature of work,  there is something in me that has not changed over the years.  At the bottom of an ever changing surface there still exits the unchanging Me.
According to the timeless wisdom of the Bhagwat Gita , at our core we all are souls; part and parcel of the Supreme Creator, the eternal Whole( BG:15.7). Hence being a part of the Supreme Whole, I am also eternal, complete; I cannot be harmed by anything , cannot decay, will never die and I don’t change with time. The beauty of this knowledge is that once we understand our real identity, we feel  empowered and secured amid dynamic external situations.
As a student of yoga, I have been exploring for more than a decade and still on many occasions, in the midst of challenging upheavals of life, I go through emotional turmoil, physical discomforts, however, now I feel I am armoured  by a question Who am I? which I keep asking myself often. As I dwell inside with the question the answer comes  as an insight; as a part of the Supreme, I am a conduit and not the controller. This realisation  not only gives instant comfort and peace but also renders a  deep sense of tranquility that pervades my consciousness.  Due to lack  of Knowledge of our real identity, many people struggle at workplace, in relationships and personal behaviour; undergo identity crisis problems at various stages of their lives which often becomes the cause  many mental health issues. So a candid realization of who we are is necessary to live a contended life.  What if we keep  asking ourselves Who am I?  and let the answer come to us each time from our Innate wisdom.

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