Life Is Most Precious

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We will achieve together

Great Productivity at Work

Most of my clients complain of overload, working hard, underpayment, politics at workplace which hampers their performance. Our conversation will help you to reach that mental frame of mind where work can be natural enjoyment. At a point when the performer experiences a state of flow- the endeavor seems effortless, results do not deter one’s enthusiasm and back biting seems irrelevant. You will start to view your work as a mission over merely earning to live. ​

Loving Relationships

It’s heartening to see human relationships  are becoming so fragile- in the family and community,  and the ending is leaving both the parties with a sorrowful and often tormented heart. The open one to one discussion will help your heart  resurrect and you will be able to create strong inter personal relationships based on mutual bonds of trust, care and service to each other.

Addiction Free Enjoyment

Addiction to chemical or digital  is a result of unexpressed emotions. First addiction begins as a fun ride & gradually it gets over us before we realize that we are trapped by the mind in a vicious circle.  Addiction in all forms is harmful- We loose time, money, physical & mental health and relationships. All efforts to control the urge that rises within us fails to deliver sustainable results. I invite you to gradually learn the art of channeling the energy for more constructive endeavour. Also we will navigate through our cravings and how to overcome them effortlessly.  

Anxiety & Stress Free Life

Anxious thoughts are the interest  we pay for loans that we didn’t even take. Our mind has two wings – Worrying about future that  makes us fearful and second is Lamenting of the past which leaves us sad and hopeless; both states of the mind paralyze our normal functioning. These two wings need to be pruned, and staying in the present moment with full awareness help us utilise our potential to the fullest.Together we will explore how to get out of this past-future syndrome and stay grounded in the present. 

Joy & Fulfillment In Life

The most inherent need of an individual is to Love & Be Loved & when he is devoid of this he/she may behave in unnatural ways.  And you may behave in unnatural ways. And you may be able to observe love all around, reciprocate love when you are in a tranquil, serene ,happy state of mind. And this becomes a real challenge for most. We will together explore what is that state of mind ?

Healthy Lifestyle

We all know Good Health is actual wealth. By means of our senses -eye, nose , tongue , ear &  skin, the mind registers impressions of the stimuli our consciousness. Hence we ought to be careful to what we are eating , seeing ,touching, smelling and speaking. Let us understand how we are impacted by unregulated use of our senses. We will also learn and experience sublime benefits of  breathing exercises. We will do Yoga to cope stress & anxiety, give sound sleep, relaxation, BP control,  weight balance and  general fitness of the whole body. Further we will also discuss few healthy yet super delicious food options that will keep your stomach light but taste buds delighted.